About me

Welcom to Cat Cafe Nyantasista


Nyantasista is a cosy and stylish cat cafe located in a quiet residential area of Yao city, the East part of Osaka. Cute and nice-looking 13 cats live happily and satisfactry enjoying playing each other and being cared by all guests.


Please enjoy having relaxed time with lovery cats at Nyantasista!

Neighborhoods for sightseeing

   If you are tired of visiting famous but crowded sightseeing spots, we recommed you to enjoy the conbination of visiting famous and  historical well-kept secret spots and playing with cute cats at our cafe!!

Mt. Shigi


It is only about 45 minutes from Nyantasista to visit a holy temples at the top of the Mt. Shigi.   You can visit very unique temples and experience old sacred atomosphere.



Tamakushi River


Tamakushi River, famous for the cherryblossom sightseeing runs in fornt of the cafe.


It is a perfect place for walking and jogging, especially in April but for all seasons.  


After or before having great time with cats, you can enjoy a subuarban atomosphere!!






1-6-2 Yamamoto-cho Yao city Osaka 

Tel 072-943-3384


From JR Osaka station

Take JR loop line bound for Tennoji

Get off the train at Tsuruhashi station

Take  a Suburban Semi-express  train of Kintetsu Osaka line http://www.kintetsu.co.jp/foreign/english/index.html

Get off the train at Kawachi-Yamamoto Station


2 minutes walk from Kawachi-Yamamoto station